ClubTURFWAY Points Menu
Updated November 22, 2019. Points reflect 40% discount on handicapping tools (retail) items*.

Handicapping Tools
Turfway-only program* 240 points
Multi-track program* 600 points
Programs On Demand Single Track* 240 points
Past Performances*
240 points
Picks & Power Plays*
120 points
Recap sheets*  240 points
Kentucky Handicapper Sheet*  360 points
360 points
Wagering Tickets  
$5 betting ticket  1,000 points
$10 betting ticket 2,000 points
$25 betting ticket 5,000 points
$50 betting ticket 10,000 points
$100 betting ticket 20,000 points
Food & Beverages  
$5 coupon 1,000 points 
$10 coupon 2,000 points 
$25 coupon 5,000 points 
$50 coupon 10,000 points 
$100 coupon 20,000 points 
2020 Jeff Ruby Steaks Tickets  
VIP Tent with buffet & open bar (per person) TBA
1st floor Homestretch with buffet (per person)
1st floor Players' Row (smoking) (per person) 
2nd floor Players' Row (non-smoking) (per person)   TBA
2nd floor Grandstand Reserved (per person) TBA
3rd floor Rail Party, table for six (per table, seats only) TBA
3rd floor Party Deck/Terrace with buffet (per person)
5th floor Racing Club with buffet (per person)  TBA
General admission Free 

Ask about using ClubTURFWAY points for these great rewards too!
  • Handicapping contests
  • Kentucky Derby tickets (60 days advance request required)
  • Breeders' Cup tickets (60 days advance request required)
  • Handicapping books
Redemption for some items based availability.
Earn one point for every $1 wagered on Turfway's live races.
Earn one point for every $2 wagered on simulcast races.
Players at the Homestretch level earn points at 2x the base rate.
Players at the Winner's Circle level earn points at 4x the base rate.